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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides information about Cardinal Stritch University for the purposes of decision-making, strategic planning, and mandated reporting. The office responds to the reporting needs of the administration, the state and federal government, and non-governmental organizations that support institutional research in higher education. A variety of projects and procedures are employed to collect and analyze data, report the results, and aim to provide information that is clear, valid, reliable, and useful.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to help University stakeholders obtain valid, verified information to aid in data driven decision making and meeting all compliance and assessment requirements. We strive to operate within an open, collaborative, and structured environment in order to deliver timely and accurate data analysis, to manage the central coordination of compliance and assessment, and to provide project management and business analysis services to areas throughout the University.


  • Maintain a repository of integrated data and information for use by various University areas for support planning and management activities.
  • Administer various surveys to evaluate the experiences of community members and the programs and services offered by the university.
  • Fulfill the University’s compliance reporting requirements by directly submitting reports to external agencies and by supporting the compliance reporting functions of other University offices.
  • Provide project management and business process analysis services.


Office of Institutional Effectiveness Surveys

Online Course Evaluations

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness at Cardinal Stritch University uses course evaluations to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness Surveys

On-Campus Surveys

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness can provide accounts through a license agreement to the Qualtrics survey tool for faculty and staff to administer surveys to the campus community.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness Reporting Calendar

Reporting Calendar

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has established the systematic survey and reporting cycles in order to provide better data definitions, communication of data needs, organize standard data requests, and to assist in Stritch’s continuous improvement process.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness Compliance


Cardinal Stritch University is dedicated to operating in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies. A Compliance Program has been developed to ensure that the University remains in good standing and to help all members of the University community become aware of the compliance requirements and responsibilities that we all share.

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