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ART 301 Overview

This broad-based, experiential course introduces students to mindful-awareness practices and its roots, and current social, scientific and psychological contexts, through the arts and creativity. Rooted in many spiritual traditions, mindful-awareness is the innate capacity of the mind to be aware of the present moment in a nonjudgmental way. Art, defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination,” and creativity are central to the class as both a conduit for learning and experiencing mindful-awareness, as well as a method and mode of expression in and of itself. By maintaining a daily mindfulness practice, students will investigate the powerful social, interpersonal, spiritual and physical effects of practicing mindful awareness as part of their everyday lives. Students will be introduced to and practice skills, techniques and exercises that can be applied on the individual level and in the communities in which they live. Benefits of the practice include: the ability to better cope with stress, difficulty and illness; the development of empathy, compassion, and listening skills; a sense of feeling more at ease and at peace; and the enhancement of emotional intelligence. No prior experience in mindful-awareness or artmaking is required. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or department consent.

  • 3.00 Credits
  • ART