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BL 111 Overview

This is an introductory course primarily designed for freshman nursing students, health science students and pre-professional students. It is a foundational course covering the basic structure and function of the human body at various levels, including the cell, the tissue, the organ and the organ system. A minimal amount of chemistry is covered at the beginning of the course to enhance the student's understanding of the chemical processes underlying cellular function. The focus of this course is normal structure and function; however, some disease states also may be discussed. Laboratory studies using fetal pigs, cadavers, computer simulations and various live animals may be used to supplement the course material. Students who register for this course must also register for lab BL 111L for the same term. Prerequisite: Open to students majoring in science, psychology, health and wellness or nursing or departmental approval. Corequisite: MT106, MT107, MT 113 or higher mathematics course or departmental approval.

  • 4.00 Credits
  • BL