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ED 702 Overview

The curriculum for the Service Year aims to provide a base from which to critically and comprehensively examine important issues, and effectively catalyze long-term, systemic transformation. Four major components provide the overall structure for the Service Year curriculum. Parameters of Service defines service through multiple lenses: academic, sociocultural, individual psychology, and behavior. Application of Service focuses on the fundamental activities of applied, pragmatic service, particularly focusing on the emerging role of technology. Nurturing Service builds on application, examining how applied service can be infused to effect transformational change in individuals, organizations and society. Lastly, Service Future integrates service with leadership, learning, and scholarship to provide a base from which to mindfully assess the present and effectively plan the future. The Seminar in Leading to Serve focuses on helping students define service through an examination of multiple perspectives and models of service, historic and present day. Students will explore and assess varying purposes, models, and types of service, while learning the language of service from these varying perspectives. From this exploration students will derive their own personal philosophy of service. An additional long-term aim of the seminar is to position students to be mindful of the various present-day, service-related issues; assess their personal talents, resources and plans for service; and make an informed choice about which issue they choose to explore throughout the service year.

  • 3.00 Credits
  • ED