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ED 724 Overview

The learning strand of the Doctorate in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service curriculum addresses the nature and nurture of intelligence in individuals and organizations. To that end, the ED 720-724 seminar sequence investigates the interrelated knowledge base about leadership and learning. The curriculum focus is the role of leadership in creating learning organizations that nurture human capacity for growth and achievement. The essential questions to be answered through seminar activities and assignments are: ED 720 What is the nature of learning in individuals and organizations and the relationships thereof to leadership and service? ED 724 What are the dimensions of leading learning organizations? •What is the relationship between leadership, learning and the achievement of organizational purpose/service? •What strategies and practices nurture organizational capacity for achieving purpose/service? The ED 724 seminar also will build on ED 714 seminar content in exploring the moral dimensions of leading learning organizations. Students will examine strategies and practices that facilitate: a) development of common vision and commitment in organizations and, b) productive action toward the achievement of compelling purpose. Leadership influence on organizational capacity for learning and achievement will be emphasized. Prerequisite: ED 720 or department approval.

  • 4.00 Credits
  • ED