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ED 744 Overview

The major emphasis of the final year of the research strand is to facilitate the students' completion of the dissertation, help students integrate their knowledge of research with applied scholarship, and help students refine their conceptualization and understanding of research and the research process. This seminar continues to refine students' understanding of the research process, building on the data analysis topics examined in ED 742, and transitioning to a focus on data interpretation. The seminar begins with a more detailed examination of research validity and ethics, and then focuses on valid interpretation and effective reporting of results. As students continue to work on their dissertation, research process issues will be discussed, particularly those applicable to the post-data collection phases of the process. This seminar provides students with a broader view of the research process and their role in that process as leaders and scholars, including practical information on sharing and continuing their research. Prerequisite: ED 743 or department approval.

  • 3.00 Credits
  • ED