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EDHE 784 Overview

This course enables students to engage in the study of a particular innovative strategy or practice within higher education leadership, learning, or service. As broad structural and strategic changes continue to transform post-secondary education at breakneck speed, understanding change management, social media infusion, appreciative inquiry, collective impact, and other emerging trends is necessary for the individual seeking a sustainable career in the field. After an initial survey of what’s making headlines within higher education trends, students will work collaboratively or individually to explore an innovation of interest that will culminate in a seminar research paper. Students will either produce a review of how a particular higher education institution is managing an innovative initiative or strategy, or students will apply research about an area of innovation by developing a process or structure that serves to foster a particular institution’s groundbreaking advancement. Prerequisite: 2nd or 3rd year Higher Education students.

  • 4.00 Credits
  • EDHE