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EDP 801 Overview

This advanced course in research is one of the elective courses in the Ph.D. sequence. This course prepares doctoral students to design and conduct their own survey. The course takes students through the stages in survey design, including pre-planning, question design, field testing, statistical analysis, and reporting results. The focus of this course is the design and understanding of research through achievement of the following objectives: 1. Understand and demonstrate the importance of pre-planning, including determination of the objectives of the survey, focus on the variables which flow from the research question, linkages of relevant research literature, and use of the knowledge of others to focus on critical ideas. 2. Translate the objectives into a survey which considers the proposed subjects, format, methodology, and analysis plan. 3. Design and field-test the survey to achieve clarity of directions and valid and reliable questions. 4. Understand how to sample a relevant population while minimizing sample error. 5. Understand how to match statistics with the objectives of the study. 6. Understand how to administer, analyze, and report the survey results.

  • 1.00 Credits
  • EDP