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EDP 899 Overview

This is a Ph.D. capstone course that focuses on the nature and processes of theory development and model building, drawing from epistemology and the philosophy of research. Major issues in the development of theory, model building, and knowledge are examined, with emphasis on the analysis of social phenomena. This course acquaints participants with some of the key theoretical issues of social science research, as well as the basic processes of theory formulation. Learners will become familiar with supervision/leadership and organization theories and models as well as major trends and issues in the study of educational organizations. How leadership/supervision theory, change processes, and decision-making impact organizations and individuals are explored. Learners will critically assess, then apply the theories to their own experiences and develop a theoretical perspective which will be used to enhance chapter five of their own dissertation. This is the final course of the Ph.D. sequence.

  • 2.00 Credits
  • EDP