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EDU 534 Overview

This course is a directed study, independent course. Students in this class have a Doctorate, or are concurrently enrolled in a Doctoral program and are seeking Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction licensure as a Director of Instruction (#10) and Principal (#51). EDU 534 is the first of two 1-credit Practicum classes to be completed for the student to be eligible for the Principal and Director of Instruction license. Successful completion of this Practicum course, defined as achieving a grade of “B” or better, and EDU 535, along with other program/coursework requirements, will result in the student being eligible for Wisconsin License #10 as a Director of Instruction and a Wisconsin License #51 as a Principal. The student will engage in a supervised practicum of experiences in the areas of responsibility of a Director of Instruction and a Principal. Supervision will be provided by the Instructor and a District Supervisor.

  • 1.00 Credits
  • EDU