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INED 532 Overview

This course focuses on collaboration and communication skills enabling teachers to work jointly with parents to plan, implement and evaluate programs for students with special needs. It also emphasizes transition planning in relation to laws and regulations. Students will understand the development of IEPs related to self-determination and transition. Students will understand that transition is a lifelong process. The course will focus on the following activities: 1) description of transition models, issues and best practices based on an interview with a current special education teacher focused on the transition process for students with special education and their families; 2) reflection on and explanation of issues related to the transition K-12 process in the classroom, school, home and community; 3) integration of the knowledge of resources that could be used with students/parents to develop the skills and knowledge that will assist them in the transition process; 4) application of the method of assisting students to self-advocate, with the support of parents and other professional during the transition process; 5) summarization of the special educator’s role in the development of the individual IEP; 6) identifying, listing and constructing student information into well-written transition components of the annual IEP that integrates background information and assessment results.

  • 1.00 Credits
  • INED