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MBA 513 Overview

Corporate and managerial finance are central to the operation of every organization. This course focuses on basic economic and financial principles required to operate a business from a management perspective by delving into three major areas of concern; Capital Budgeting (i.e. what long-term investments should the firm take), Capital Structure (i.e. where and how the firm gets the short-term and long-term financing to pay for the investments) and Working Capital Management (i.e. how should the firm manage its day-to-day financial activities). The course will also examine the contemporary issues along with current financial management techniques and applications. Prerequisite: ADM 406 or BU 311 or equivalent.

  • 3.00 Credits
  • MBA


DS:Applied Managerial Strategic Fin - 2022 Fall MBA 513

This course presents the fundamental financial concepts and principles necessary for the financial planning, control, and analysis of business organizations from a management perspective. Included as areas of concentration within this class are determinants of valuation, financial analysis and forecasting, capital investment decisions, capital cost and structure, the management of funding sources and working capital, and contemporary issues in financial management.

Course Code: MBA 513

8/22/2022 - 10/2/2022