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MBA 540 Overview

This course provides MBA students with a forum for applying classroom theory to business reality. The internship experience is designed to facilitate this goal and to benefit both the students and organizations involved. The course is designed for full-time MBA students and must be taken after the completion of nine (9) credits in the program. Graduate internships may include faculty-guided projects with private companies, nonprofit organizations, or government agencies. Course content may include the establishment of client relationships, identification of problems or strategic questions, research design, collection and analysis of secondary and primary data, business plan development, and quantitative and qualitative analyses. In addition to their on-site duties, interns will keep a weekly journal reflecting on their experience and literature in the field, participate in online discussions, and complete a final portfolio presentation that includes written information about the internship experience and an oral presentation. Prerequisite: GPA 3.0 or higher; authorizations required from department chair/dean and Experiential Learning (ELCE) department; completion of ELCE workshop; internship site approval.

  • 1.00 Credits
  • MBA