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MBA 542 Overview

This course prepares students to analyze an organization’s effectiveness related to its ability to achieve its mission, as well as its readiness for improvement and innovation through four frames: cultural, structural, human resource, and political. Additionally, students will learn to integrate their frame analysis into an integrated systems view taking into account the natural phenomena of complexity, chaos and dissonance. This course also focuses on emotional intelligence (EI) and emotional and social intelligence (ESI) theories in relation to understanding, developing, and leveraging emotional and social intelligence as a leader. Methods will be discussed that leaders use to develop individual and organizational success. This course will emphasize the following: How has organizational theory evolved into current systems perspectives? How can I analyze my organization to determine readiness for improvement and innovation? What are the implications of understanding my organization for organizational improvement and innovation? How do leaders help people identify with and work collaboratively to achieve? How can what we know about business emotional intelligence influence how we build capacity in individuals? Organizations? How does what we believe to be true about human capacity influence how we lead?

  • 3.00 Credits
  • MBA