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NRS 552 Overview

In this course, the graduate student will explore, synthesize and analyze current literature related to a question or issue in nursing education or nursing leadership. The final project is an integrative review of the literature with evidence tables on a student-selected topic. The work will be conducted under the guidance of an assigned academic reader. The student will develop and explore a research question, guided by a conceptual framework, and use published research in both nursing and related disciplines. The student will formulate and rate recommendations for nursing education or nursing leadership based on the strength of the evidence examined in the review. The final written paper will reflect an understanding of the research process through a review, critical appraisal, and analysis of the current evidence on the topic identified with recommendations for nursing education or nursing leadership. The course will culminate with a student presentation of the process used in data collection and analysis and the resultant recommendations and conclusions. Prerequisite: All nursing core and concentration courses.

  • 4.00 Credits
  • NRS