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RS 509 Overview

Jesus of Nazareth, his family and his first followers were Jews who had inherited the rich tradition of Judaism of their time. It was the Jewish tradition that formed them, that they celebrated and believed in and that they read to make sense of their lives. While that tradition is also found in Jewish ritual, it is most clearly found in the writings of the Tanakh, what Christians call the Old Testament. This course will focus on the beginnings of God’s plan for salvation as revealed in the writings of the Old Testament and in the history of God’s Chosen People – Israel. We will concentrate our attention on the Torah and the broad trajectory of Israel’s history, especially as commented upon by the prophets and sages of Israel’s sacred text. We will also explore the ways in which this vital tradition intersects with and forms the pastoral activities that flow from various ministerial contexts.

  • 3.00 Credits
  • RS