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SED 337 Overview

Students study technical concepts of measurement necessary to understand standardized assessment. In addition, the course discusses the various types of educational assessment and requires students to critically analyze standardized tests; research alternative assessment measures; practice the administration, scoring and interpretation of norm-referenced tests; and produce a written special education case study including eligibility determination. Discussion of assessment techniques, concerns regarding bias in assessment instruments and practice, and application of assessment techniques in classroom situation are included. Each student focuses on one area (specific learning disability, cognitive disability, or emotional behavioral disability) to complete an eligibility determination project. The project includes both eligibility determination and need for special education. Prerequisite: EDSED 225, 2.75 GPA in education and overall, and B- or better in CA 101, EN 101, EN 102, and MT 196 or higher.

  • 3.00 Credits
  • SED