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SED 797 Overview

This practicum course is designed to give candidates continued opportunities to work within the field of special education leadership at the higher education or K-12 level. The practicum consists of educational leadership (administrative-like) or special education faculty (research and teacher education) experiences that supplement and give meaning to the coursework in the Special Education Leadership Licensure and Ph.D. programs. The practicum is a FIELD ONLY course. Candidates will be required to develop individualized projects and experiences with university supervisors in order to gain experiences in each of the of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Administrative (WI DPI) with Special Education and Pupil Services Content Standards and the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC) Advanced Preparation Standards. There is no specific instruction in this course. Content instruction occurs within SED 795 and SED 796. Corequisite: SED 796.

  • 1.00 Credits
  • SED