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SPN 334 Overview

This is an introduction to the basic principles of translation and interpretation. Emphasis is on the study of professional aspects of language services including assessment of linguistic register, text purpose and style in rendering accurate written texts and oral statements from Spanish to English and vice-versa. This course also focuses on the application of interpreter codes of ethics (community, medical and legal) to a variety of real-world scenarios. Through in-class role-plays and shadowing interpreters in the community, students will observe how expectations of accuracy, confidentiality, avoidance of conflicts of interest, professional demeanor, maintaining a proper role, competency, reporting ethical violations, professional development, disciplinary procedures and cultural advocacy are applied in practice. Students will develop strategies for terminology research and vocabulary development, memory enhancement, note-taking and listening skills. Prerequisite: SPN 204 or score of 600 or higher on the WebCAPE exam or department approval.

  • 3.00 Credits
  • SPN