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SPN 540 Overview

The Interpreting Practicum is a work-integrated learning experience aimed at helping students gain real-world experiences in interpreting in the field. By working with and alongside professional interpreters and with professionals who frequently work with interpreters and translators, students will develop useful skills and a better understanding of ways in which theory relates to practice. Employers participating in the practicum also may become a useful recruitment resource for graduates of the program. In an Interpreting Practicum, students will undertake a project defined by a partner or community organization with the approval of the professor and the Director of the Interpreting Program. Placement may be an affiliated arrangement where a consultancy or research project is carried out in association with a company such as a Language Service Provider, although physical location at the company is not required. Community organizations may be from a diverse range of industries, including non-profit organizations and the private sector. Students will communicate the project findings in the format specified by the partner organization, such as a consultation paper, report, commentary, manual, submission or speech. The partner organization will provide field supervision, and the faculty will provide academic supervision. The faculty member will work with the practicum organizations and students to set up specific goals and student learning outcomes that will be linked to assessment. The professor, program director and student will work together to secure an appropriate practicum placement. During the semester before the beginning of the actual practicum, students must notify the director of their intention to register for the Interpreting practicum and seek approval prior to the beginning of the semester. Prerequisite: Departmental approval.

  • 3.00 Credits
  • SPN