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Aaliyah Baker

Faculty - Educational Leadership


Leadership Education


(414) 410-4906


BH Bonaventure Hall 2022


Box 332


Dr. Aaliyah Baker is an associate professor in the College of Education and Leadership. She began her career in education as a classroom teacher with the Milwaukee Public Schools. She earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction (University of Wisconsin – Madison) with an emphasis in Multicultural Education.

Baker's research interests include critical race theory, multicultural education, sociocultural theories of learning and the role of race, class and gender in educational achievement and experiences in schools. She has conducted research within the scope of education, society, culture and learning in Morocco and South Africa as a Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad grant recipient. Her scholarship explores and informs areas such as culturally relevant pedagogy, student and family centered education practices, social and cultural issues surrounding the influence of race on schooling experiences and theoretical perspectives that value human experience, identity and cultural awareness.

Her teaching, service and scholarship focus on the importance of creating equitable educational experiences for all students. Baker maintains strong community and school partnerships by developing and supporting curriculum, assessment and instruction. She hopes to contribute to creating a caring community by building critical engagements that address societal issues. She facilitates scholarly discussions about diversity, inclusion and social justice to support students’ academic, personal and professional development.

Baker has disseminated research at a wide number of state, national and international conferences and forums. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses that focus on sociocultural theories of learning, instructional models of language and literacy development and qualitative inquiry.


  • B.A., Marquette University
  • M.S., Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Ph.D., Univ Of Wisconsin-Madison


Critical race theory in education, multicultural education, critical pedagogy, social contexts of education, culturally responsive teaching

Publications & Presentations

Marshall, P., Norris, K., and Baker, A. (2020). Toward People-to-People Understandings in Short-Term 
International Travel: Critical Race Reflections on Four Encounters in Cuba. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

Baker, A. (2018, April). Can We Teach Methods that Transgress?: Emancipatory Perspectives in the Practice of Engaged Inquiry. Research paper presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting; New York, NY.

Why Stritch?

"Through coursework and a plethora of professional activities, students participate in constructive spaces to grapple with fundamental questions. More importantly, Stritch students bring into the classroom unique histories and perspectives from a wide variety of experiences and are afforded opportunities to collaborate and connect with others in order to transform organizations and serve communities. Our programs are deeply rooted in the Franciscan values which are evident in course outcomes and student and faculty interactions. Students benefit from professional advancement and intellectual growth. Programs are designed with diverse populations of students in mind. Students graduate and become transformational leaders in a wide variety of fields and disciplines. Students conduct independent research, foster systemic change in their organizations and become highly valued constituents in their communities."

- Aaliyah Baker