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Kristian G. Herrick

Facilities Assistant - Facilities Coordination




(414) 410-4132


DS Duns Scotus 004


Box 234


Kris Herrick began working at the Stritch Bookstore in February of 1999 and then joined the University's Office of Facilities Coordination in July of 2002.  As the University Facilities Coordinator Kris' primary responsibilities are the scheduling of and the logistical and technical support of all Stritch based and external client based events and activities.  Kris is also responsible for maintaining all of the University's interior office signage and has served on all of the University's new construction projects and scheduling software search and implementation committees during his 20+ years of service to Stritch.

Why Stritch?

"Stritch is a place that fosters a home like environment to all who are welcomed here. Our Franciscan value of creating a caring community is, in my opinion, our greatest asset and is a very important reason for my long tenure of service to the University. I am thankful and gratified everyday to be able to support our students and my co-workers in planning and executing successful and meaningful events that provide experiential learning, excitement and inclusion to the Stritch community. "

- Kristian G. Herrick