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Peter M. Jonas

Faculty - Leadership Doctorate


Leadership Education


(414) 410-4327


BH Bonaventure Hall 2037


Box 103


Learning, Laughing, and Leadership most accurately describe Dr. Peter Jonas. Peter is a professor of research and statistics in the doctoral leadership department at Cardinal Stritch University and is well-known for my wise-cracking comments and lectures on humor. However, beneath the humor is a message: If you get people laughing, you can transform learning. Over the years Peter has written five books in support of my research (but only the books on humor are any good): Secrets of Connecting Leadership and Learning to Humor (2004); Laughing and Learning: An Alternative to Shut-up and Listen (2009); Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education Linked with Strategic Planning and Budgeting [2nd ed.] (2013); Soccer is Fun without Parents (2019); and Transforming Learning: Don’t Let School interfere with your Laughing (2019).


  • B.A., Carthage College
  • M.A., Marquette University
  • Ph.D., Marquette University


Research; leadership; statistics; using humor to enhance teaching, learning, and leadership; how to engage students; brain-based research; and history.

Publications & Presentations

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Why Stritch?

"My mission is to specialize in research-based professional development to enhance the learning environment, e.g., humor. I believe in using the Franciscan Values in meaningful and practical applications both inside and outside the classroom. "

- Peter M. Jonas