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Ramneet Schmeling

Business Development Specialist


The Stritch Hub for Innovation & Community Engaged Learning


(414) 410-4311


BH Bonaventure Hall 2068G


Box 400


Ramneet Schmeling has broad and varied experiences in various industries and she draws from those experiences to aid in the development of others and to support her initiatives for the University.

She has worked in the various senior and management positions working with International Organizations for over 20 years. She has a diverse global educational background and have travelled extensively to various parts of the world. Her work has been published in magazines like Elle and Vogue. 

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Textiles, a Master’s in Computer Science, Graduate International Business Management Diploma and she is a Stritch alumni and finished her MBA with Delta-Mu-Delta recognition in 2018.

She currently serves as a Business Development Specialist with Stritch Hub for Innovation and Community Engaged Learning and brings her diverse experience to various program under the department. She is a key member of the Project Pitch It Television show.

She is passionate about people and the pursuit of lifelong learning, mentoring and coaching tomorrow’s leaders and wants to instrumental in creating an environment that helps achieve the maximum of human potential. 

Why Stritch?

"Ramneet Schmeling believes in the core human and diverse and just societal values and Stritch is a representation of all of it. She loves the embracing culture of Stritch, the rich history and the ingrained values in its members. She feels that Stritch is a place where she can practice and align her own values and passion for people and their development and progress. Stritch feels like home!!"

- Ramneet Schmeling