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Samantha L. Messmann

Assistant Director of Nursing & Health Sciences Admissions


Enrollment Management - Admissions Undergraduate


(414) 410-4338


BH Bonaventure Hall 1019


Box 516


I graduated from Roosevelt University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. At Stritch, I am an Admissions Counselor working primarily with programs under the Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Why Stritch?

"Stritch is caring community. I know a lot of smaller universities say that but it shows at Stritch. When I go into a meeting and someone asks how are you, they actually want to know. They aren't asking just to be courteous. Or when a perspective student is taking a tour of campus and faculty stop to introduce themselves and talk the student about Stritch. They aren't doing it to put on a show. These things happen because Stritch as a whole cares about you throughout your whole journey."

- Samantha L. Messmann