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Stephanie M. Stover

Assistant Director of Academic Advising


Academic Advising


(414) 410-4442


BH Bonaventure Hall 1061


Box 89A


It has been through positive leadership that I find myself interacting with a wide array of individuals, developing a network to better assist our students. This creates a starting point, in which to gain insight into the role education plays in their lives. Understanding each student is a complex skill and the basis for developing and maintaining relationships. The development of this relationship is the key to encouraging utilization of community resources, encouraging persistence, and educational retention. Reflecting on my experiences, specifically with the Post-Traditional/Adult Student population, I utilize a range of educational and professional experiences which includes obtaining my Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, which elicits creative contributions. This combination aids in my ability to effectively develop and coordinate a usable, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable learning environment for our students. I believe that each student has their own path to follow. As an Advisor, I am here to assist the student on finding their own strength to stay on their own path toward achieving their goals. My mission to help students imagine the things they can accomplish, if they knew they would not fail.

Publications & Presentations

Presented at CAAHE: Consortium for the Advancement of Adult Education - “Self-Efficacy: Our Belief in Our Ability to Succeed” - Biennial Conference: June 2012. Co-Author: A Randomized Clinical Trial: The Use of Hypnosis to Improve Academic Self-Concept and Self-Concept in College Students - American Psychological Association: 2011 Convention Presentation.

Why Stritch?

"Cardinal Stritch University isn’t just a place or location. It’s a way of life. Everyone here cares and believes in our core values. You feel it the moment you enter our space. Why Stritch? Because, becoming part of something greater then yourself and knowing you are making a difference is evident in everything we do. "

- Stephanie M. Stover