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Zak V. Eden

Design Coordinator - University Marketing


Advancement - Marketing


(414) 410-4063


BH Bonaventure Hall 1036




Zak Eden has been the Design Coordinator in University Marketing since June 2015. He graduated from UW-Parkside with a BA in Digital Arts with a double concentration in Graphic Design and Animation. After graduating Zak worked at BIGMPG Design and Marketing, and Healthcare Business Insights as a graphic designer at both, before coming to Stritch. Zak is responsible for designing a large variety of marketing materials (such as publications, billboards, snapshots, and large environmental campus pieces) along with upholding and overseeing the University brand as a whole.

Why Stritch?

"Stritch is the kind of institution where everyone smiles at you as you walk down the hall. When someone asks how you or your day is going, they genuinely want to know. I've never been to a place that practices the values that they preach so strongly, and also so naturally. Everyone here wants everyone else to succeed, and are always willing to help any way they can when asked, and often times even if they aren't."

- Zak V. Eden