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black student union

Experience Stritch

Experience programs, services and leadership opportunities that enrich your learning and enjoyment. Student organizations enhance personal growth, promote civic responsibility, embrace differences and connect students to the campus and the community.


Find your niche

Involvement in student clubs, councils, boards and committees will enhance your campus experience. In addition, Stritch offers a number of academic organizations to advance student knowledge, creative organizations to continue artistic expression and multicultural organizations to build cultural competency.

Even before you arrive on campus, you will be invited to learn about some of the organizations below. Test the waters or go all in -- it’s up to you. For additional information, including how to join, please contact Student Activities and Leadership.

Asian Student Association

The Asian Student Association's (ASA) purpose is to provide cultural awareness and educate others about Asian American history, culture and interests. We want to boost cultural pride and create an environment conducive to cultural appreciation. ASA also participates in various community volunteer programs to uphold values of the University. 

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) will improve the campus environment by encouraging involvement of all students in BSU campus activities. Also, the BSU will promote the Stritch spirit and tradition of excellence and heighten awareness and friendship between races. The BSU will represent the interests and concerns of black students at Stritch, as well as the concerns of all students regarding diversity on campus.

Dreamers Welcome

Dreamers Welcome is a student-led group seeking to advocate for the rights of undocumented students by fostering an environment that promotes connections between them and resources at Cardinal Stritch University. We firmly believe that having a group like this at Stritch is of dire importance; to give students a voice, a space and the necessary informational resources to aid them in their pursuit of personal and academic success. 

Hispanic Club

Bienvenidos! The purpose of this organization is establishing a club that is united with dedicated members who will reach out to the Stritch and Hispanic communities in bringing cultural awareness and promoting diversity. We do this by celebrating Hispanic holidays, having food fairs, being part of volunteer projects and taking trips. All students are welcomed to learn and celebrate the Hispanic culture with us. Hasta luego.

Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee Student Chapter

HPGM Student Chapter is a club dedicated to help any student obtain scholarships, internships and professional development via workshops and events throughout the semester.  Members of the club are also able to learn from professionals within the greater Milwaukee area about what it takes to be successful during and after college. All students of any major and field are welcome, since we are able to connect with a variety of professionals.

International Student Alliance

The International Alliance is a community of international and American students dedicated to promoting and enhancing international awareness, cooperation, cultural diversity and dialogue among students of different nations at Stritch. The group strives to provide international programming to support and serve the needs and interests of all students. Are you interested in meeting new people from around the world? Join us for our Wednesday meetings at noon in the Student Success Center.


Stritch eSports

Stritch eSports Club brings together the gamers of Stritch. Whether you are a casual player of a competitive gamer, you have a home here. The group regularly hosts competitions and tournaments for Stritch students to show off their skills.


Stritch Buddy Program

Are you an international student? Are you from out-of-state? You could use a Buddy! 

A Buddy is a built-in friend and support system who you can feel comfortable with asking all your questions about being a student at Stritch, understanding our Wisconsin accents, where to get some good cheese curds, what a certain slang word means and whatever else you can think of. A Buddy can help you build your own social network, get involved around campus and create a home for yourself in Milwaukee.

Debate Club

The Debate Club sets out to create an environment of intellectual diversity by educating and promoting free thought along with conducting friendly debate on everyday topics such as gun control, crime, foreign policy and many other political and social topics directed by members of the club. This educational experience will translate to meaningful community engagement in the modern day political environment.


Diversity and Inclusion in Nursing

Originating in 2015 as the Multicultural Student Nurse Association, the now-named Diversity and Inclusion in Nursing group was founded by a passionate nursing student who wants to be a “role model” for minority nursing students. The organization was created to reach out and help out minorities, such as, building experience and gain leadership skills as a nurse.


Genesian Players

The Genesian Players seek to foster the motto of the University, Ut probetis potiora, "to value the better things," and to further the University’s Franciscan values through their support of theatrical activities on campus. The mission of the club is to expose members and nonmembers of the Stritch campus to the importance and benefits of experiencing, participating and taking pride in theater and the performing arts.


Mathematics & Computer Science Club

This club engages in problem solving to see how mathematics, computer science and information systems touch our lives in various ways and to explore career opportunities open to graduates with computer skills and mathematical problems solving ability.

Pre-Professional Club (Pre-Med)

The Pre-Med/Pre-Professional Club is for students interested in pre-medical and pre-professional sciences. As a club we are involved in the community, we plan science-related activities and events and assist one another in admission to graduate or medical school, as well as discuss alternative options. This club hopes to gain more perspective and insight into healthcare and science fields and build supportive relationships between students who share a common interest.

Stritch Sport Management Association (SSMA)

This club is dedicated to giving students, staff and faculty, along with organizations, an opportunity to advance ideas, choices and events in the field of Sport Management. Members network with Stritch alumni and community leaders to locate mentors, internships and jobs for Sport Management majors and those interested in working within the sport industry. This club hosts guest speakers, networking events and a symposium during the academic year. Recent guests have included Mark Murphy, president of the Green Bay Packers, and staff from the Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks and Wisconsin Badgers.

Student Nursing Association (SNA)

The SNA is a professional student organization for nursing majors. It is a functional chapter of the Wisconsin Student Nurses Association and the National Student Nurses Association. This is the largest independent student health professional organization in the country and, more importantly, the only one run by nursing students for nursing majors. In SNA you will be able to talk to many students of all class levels. Get helpful tips on how to study, volunteer opportunities and resume/job outlook. We hope to see you soon!

ECO Club

The purpose of this on campus organization is to make Cardinal Stritch University a ‘green campus.’ Our main goal is to pursue the betterment of Stritch through the implementation of sustainable and eco-friendly campus initiatives. We are open and friendly and encourage anyone who is passionate about the Earth to join in our mission and fulfill the Franciscan value of ‘Creating a Caring Community.’


Sexual Advocacy for Everyone (SAFE)

SAFE promotes awareness and acceptance within a diverse community of LGBTQ+ individuals and their straight allies. As a club, we seek to educate people through programming and healthy dialogue to facilitate understanding and positive change. SAFE promotes support and respect while upholding the Franciscan values and traditions of Cardinal Stritch University.

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is the main governing body for all undergraduate students and is the guiding force behind student life. Advised by a group of professional student leaders, SGA strives to create effective change on campus, addresses students’ needs and concerns and facilitates programs and activities. SGA is open to all undergraduate students interested in making effective change on campus. 

Student Programming Board (SPB)

SPB leaders are involved in planning events, including films, excursions, the annual Siblings Weekend and Parents Weekend and others. SPB’s goal is to increase leadership, educational and social programming on campus. 


Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

The Student Athlete Advisory Council serves to represent the student-athletes on campus. Each sports team is represented within the club to be an advocate for not only their team but the athletic department as a whole. SAAC leads the athletic department through numerous volunteer opportunities to benefit the school and surrounding community. The Student Athlete Advisory Council also runs events to create unity and pride within the student athletes at Cardinal Stritch University. 

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association works actively to support the continued improvement of life in Clare and Assisi Halls. Through conversations with residence life professional staff, programming and events, RHA builds community on campus and makes Stritch's residence halls feel more like home.  

Peer Advising Student Organization

Peer Advising Student Organization equips members with the skills necessary to help advise other students in understanding their academics and resources at Stritch. Members also help the Advising office with key events and functions.


Circle K International (CKI)

Circle K International (CKI) is an organization that focuses and provides an opportunity for students to participate in service and leadership activities. With more than 13,770 members in 17 nations, CKI is making a positive impact on the world every day. CKI is an incredible leadership experience and another way for students to become connected with our University and the greater Milwaukee community.

Student Life staff leadership

Matthew L. Weiss

Director of Student Engagement and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Student Engagement

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