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Making Peace

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University Ministry

University Ministry provides many different options for spiritual growth. We strive to live spiritually-enriched lives by praising the Creator, affirming the human dignity of each and every person, working for justice, protecting equality and peace, engaging in conversation, exploring our religious and faith traditions and beliefs, celebrating creation, diversity and creativity, recognizing the sacramental nature of all life, and praying consistently for love to overcome our hearts.

#4 in Wisconsin for Most Prestigious Faith-Based College or University

PLEXUSS 2020 Ranking

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2020-2021 Stritch Franciscan Value of the Year

The 2020-2021 Stritch Franciscan Value of the Year is 'Making Peace'.

We do this through:

  • Forgiving others.
  • Healing and reconciling.
  • Resolving conflicts.
  • Promoting non-violence.
Franciscan Values

Interfaith Prayer

Stritch provides an interfaith prayer room which can be used at anytime, by students of any faith, as a place for prayer or reflection.

Faith and Fellowship/Spiritual Development Celebrations are held throughout the year acknowledging the influence of St. Francis, Clare, and other Franciscans who have inspired us.

Anyone is welcome at any University Ministry sponsored event regardless of their faith tradition.


One way we assist with spiritual growth is gathering as a community to grow and explore our spirituality, faith, and fellowship through retreats. A retreat is an event where a group of people withdraw from their daily lives to pray, fellowship, rest, and reflect so that they can focus on God, themselves, and one another.

Social Justice

Working for social justice is an essential component of a life of faith. Our Catholic tradition articulates this call through Catholic Social Teaching. We invite you to join as we commit acts of service, advocacy, and learning so that our faith may be truly authentic. University Ministry offers Alternative Spring Break as a way to facilitate opportunities for students.

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Learn about retreat opportunties throughout the year.

Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break

Give back over break.

Tell Me About It

Students discuss issues and explore subject matters that affect and concern them.

Catholic Prayer and Worship


Daily Mass

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:30 pm in the Saint Francis of Assisi Chapel in Bonaventure Hall

Sunday Mass 

Takes place at 10:15am at St. Monica Parish. The shuttle leaves from Clare Lounge in Clare Hall by 9:50 am

Evening Mass

Takes place on the 1st Sunday of the month, evening Mass takes place in Clare Hall Lounge at 7:30 pm

All University Liturgies 

  • The Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • Transitus
  • The Feast of St. Francis 
  • All Saints
  • Thanksgiving Prayer Service 
  • Graduation Mass

Prayer Services

We gather to celebrate prayer services in English, Spanish, and both languages. We pray for our community members, the earth, God's creation, and with special intention in light of current social justice events 

Many prayer services are student led and organized. If you are interested in planning prayer services, contact the Assistant Director of Mission Integration

 Examples of prayer services: Thanksgiving Prayer Service, Mass of the Holy Spirit, Transitus, etc.

Bible Study

Small groups join to talk about faith formation and spiritual development as it relates to different topics found in Scripture. Topic examples: Women and Spirituality, Caring for Creation, Faith Through the Parables of Jesus

 Contact the Assistant Director of University Ministry if you would like to join a small group.


Students, Staff, and Faculty are invited to spend 60 minutes connecting with God and each other through the Real Presence

Creative Practice

A chance for students to engage in artistic, creative, tasks designed for fellowship and social justice
sacred spaces

Sacred spaces

There are a number of spaces available on campus for prayer and reflection; find them on the campus map.

Sacred Spaces on Campus

University Ministry Contact:

Akua Kankam

Director of University Ministry

Mission Effectiveness - University Ministry

(414) 410-4722