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Mission Fuel

Startup Milwaukee Week 2020 at Stritch

Stritch's Mission Fuel is hosting a Startup Wisconsin Week virtual session Thursday, Nov. 12, at 7 p.m. 

Infusing Your Nonprofit Mission with Margin: Business ventures do not and should not have the corner on the market of innovation and entrepreneurship. Nonprofit organizations must become more adept at diversifying revenue streams and yielding earned revenues so they have sufficient financial margin to sustain and grow their mission. At this event, meet the Mission Fuel team members who run the only business accelerator in Wisconsin designed for nonprofit leaders seeking to become more agile, entrepreneurial and business savvy. Along with learning more about the Mission Fuel accelerator program, there will also be interactive breakout sessions where attendees can engage in discussions about developing new nonprofit revenue streams through e-commerce, fees for service, and sponsorship. Also joining the session with be Mission Fuel alumni who together have collectively leveraged their accelerator experiences to earn or access millions of new dollars in income and investment.

Mission Fuel applies a business accelerator model to assist nonprofit leadership teams with developing and implementing strategies to diversify revenue streams, become more entrepreneurial, and ultimately realize a more stable and self-sustainable future. Nonprofit leaders receive skill development support to help them address a variety of complex challenges in an economically sustainable and holistic manner.

Questions? Contact Dr. Mark Gesner at or 414-410-4148.

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