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Pay It Forward Fund

Pay It Forward Fund (PIF) provides financial aid assistance to students whose changing economic circumstances jeopardize their ability to continue their education; it can be used for room and board, travel expenses, tuition and more. It’s an especially helpful fund when there are unforeseen situations like what we are experiencing today. Thank you for supporting students during this time!

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What is the Pay It Forward Fund?

The challenging days before us have created additional stressors for many of our students who are employed part or full-time while attending school. As those places of employment close, or hours are severely cut back, these students face the harsh reality of restrictions in access to food, difficulty in paying rent and other financial burdens.

Many Stritch students faced challenges prior to COVID-19. While Stritch is able to provide some resources thanks to CARES Act funds, we know that this is not adequate for the demand now nor is it a long term solution. The Pay It Forward Fund will be here for students as long as our alumni continue to support them.

Thank you for supporting students!

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