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Welcome Holy Family College Students

We extend a warm Stritch welcome to Holy Family College students. Please know we are committed to helping you achieve your academic, personal and professional goals. If you have a question that isn't listed below, please contact our Admissions team at

Welcome to the Stritch family!

Dr. Daniel J. Scholz
Vice President of Academic Affairs

For current Holy Family College students planning to attend Stritch:

  • Free quick application to collect your basic information
  • Direct admission for students in good academic standing
  • No deposit required to secure your place at Stritch
  • Secure collection and processing of your Holy Family College student information
  • Confidential review of transcripts and assistance with graduation planning
  • Stritch will accept all Holy Family College courses and credits
  • Direct connection with Stritch academic advisors and college deans to help plan your future

Stritch is committed to matching 100% of financial aid support for all Holy Family College students, meaning no additional out of pocket costs.

At Cardinal Stritch University, we understand that this is a challenging time for the Holy Family College community. We are prepared to help you with a smooth transition as you continue your academic journey as a student at Stritch.

Stritch is an institution founded on similar Franciscan values as Holy Family College and leverages the strengths of our region's metropolitan assets to prepare learners to succeed and lead in a diverse and ever-changing world. The academic programs we offer are transformational — designed to prepare the whole person for achievement in the communities where they live, work, serve and lead by actively practicing the core values we espouse, and by mastering the substantive professional, experiential and practical skills required to excel in a 21st century economy.

We invite you to explore and learn more about how Cardinal Stritch University can aid you in reaching your future goals.

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Next Steps

  • Step 1: Speak to a Stritch Admissions Counselor and complete a free quick application to start your student file. Admissions is guaranteed for Holy Family College students in good academic standing.
  • Step 2: Add Cardinal Stritch University to your 2020-2021 FAFSA. Stritch’s FAFSA code is: 003837.
  • Step 3: Inform Holy Family College of your intent to enroll at Stritch in the fall of 2020. Holy Family College will provide all relevant student information needed to complete your fall enrollment.
  • Step 4: Meet with a designated member of the Academic Affairs division to review your transcripts, discuss course equivalencies, and determine a degree plan and begin your graduation plan. Meet an academic advisor to register for Fall 2020 classes.
  • Step 5: Review your financial aid award and affiliated costs with a counselor from the Financial Aid Office.
  • Step 6: Prepare to join the Stritch Wolf Pack in August. Receive information about new student orientation, housing, athletics, student life and other opportunities.

Holy Family College Student Quick Application

Personal Information
Permanent Address

Academic Information
Campus Involvement
What are the extracurricular areas that you are interested in? Select all that apply.

For more information:

  • You can speak directly with Christy Nyemeck,  Director of  Undergraduate Admissions, to further discuss this process.
  • Holy Family College nursing students, health sciences, or pre-professional students can contact Elizabeth Roy to review options for joining these programs.
  • High school students who planned to enroll at Holy Family College this fall can contact Erika Baca to explore their future at Stritch.
  • Graduate students currently in good academic standing at Holy Family College can contact Susan Slonac, Senior Director of Adult, Graduate & Professional Studies Admissions.
  • For financial aid related questions, please contact Linda Jo Stamper, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Susan D. Slonac

Executive Director of Business Development and Graduate Enrollment

Enrollment Management - Admissions Graduate

(414) 410-4062

Christy L. Nyemeck

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Enrollment Management - Admissions Undergraduate

(414) 410-4966

Future Holy Family College students

For high school students who planned to enroll at Holy Family College this fall as an admitted student, Cardinal Stritch University is excited to welcome you to the Stritch community.

Here is how we will help you start your college career:

  • Free application to collect your information
  • Meeting with a Stritch admissions counselor to discuss your options
  • Direct admissions for high school students already admitted to Holy Family College
  • No deposit required to secure your seat at Stritch
  • Stritch is committed to meeting your financial aid needs and will offer similar aid that you may have received from Holy Family College
  • Secure collection and processing of your Holy Family College student application information
  • Direct connection with Stritch academic advisors, financial aid counselors, athletic coaches and other Student Life staff members

Information from Holy Family College

Institutions entering into a transfer agreement with Holy Family College are promising to do the following for our students:

  • Waive application fees and guarantee admission to Holy Family College students.
  • Accept all credits awarded by Holy Family College to our students.
  • Waive residency requirements in order to ensure a similar pathway/timeline for Holy Family College students to finish their program.
  • Provide expedited academic and financial aid counseling to Holy Family College students regarding transferring to their institution.
  • Provide financial aid packages to students so that the net out-of-pocket cost will be similar to what it was at Holy Family College.