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Private College Week: July 11-15, 2023

Visit our beautiful Stritch campus near Lake Michigan during Private College Week 2023.

Private College Week provides high school students the opportunity to find out how we make a high-quality private education affordable for our students. There are many fun activities during the week to participate in. During our Friday Open House event, there is a brief admissions presentation followed by an academic and student experience fair. Come experience what it's like to become a Wolf! Check out our past Private College Week events, come back to see your 2023 events soon!

While at Stritch

Learning Resource Center - Nursing Lab

Interactive Lab: Intro to IV Placement

Join us for a hands-on introductory IV placement exercise in our Learning Resource Center - Nursing Simulation Lab.

Darrel with clay project

Experiencing the Arts: Clay Workshop

Stritch alumnus, Darrel Payne, ’13, ’16, will guide you through clay building techniques. Make a fun project and experience the benefits of a robust liberal arts program.

Crime Scene Tape

Crime Scene Exploration

If you enjoy crime scene investigation shows you'll love putting your skills to the test! See the real-life science that goes into investigating a crime scene. Hear about what courses prepare you for careers in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

Students at Computer

Photography - Past & Present

Experience a 19th & 20th century photographic printmaking process that introduces you to the magic of photographic printmaking. Using artifacts from nature as your subject matter, make prints of botanical specimens!

Explore Stritch with Wolfy: Open House

Meet with current students, faculty; and admissions staff. Prospective students will learn more about Stritch’s academic programs and student life. Students will also have the opportunity to tour campus!

Stritch students

Explore Stritch with Wolfy

Leon Martin

International Business

Stritch isn't the place you only go to attend the lectures to pursue your degree; it is so much more. The goal of the people working at Stritch is to help you grow as a person.

Vera Joplin, '20

B.S. in Nursing

I have built such solid relationships here with students, instructors and staff. People at Stritch are so genuine, and they really want you to succeed.

Ismael Luna

Political Science

Stritch has always felt like family to me; professors, advisors, financial aid counselors - they are all willing to spend time, answer questions and connect you with resources to support your success.

Marina Johnstone

Elementary Education

There is a closeness within Stritch among the students. Everyone knows everyone else and, if you don't, there are plenty of events that go on to promote those interactions with other people.

For additional information about Private College Week 2023 contact:

Jacob Carlson