Radio Lobo

This student operated online broadcast network offers the campus community a broader voice in the forms of music, talk, news, and comedic show formats. Those associated with Lobo Network as well as the network’s content, aim to reflect the university's Franciscan values of Creating a Caring Community, Showing Compassion, Reverencing Creation and Making Peace. Cardinal Stritch University is an institute of higher learning that emphasizes a practical education.

10 Questions with Stritch Students

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Recent News

The network is going through a large scale remodel to prepare for the fall season. Check back often for updates and more.

What We Do

The Lobo Network offers a diverse set of programming including, talk, sports, comedy, arts and entertainment and music. We allow students to have a show about absolutely anything they feel passionate about. They will learn skills of public speaking, speaking for broadcast, production, and audio storytelling.

Created: Spring 2018 Created By: Hannah Stradling

Created: Spring 2018 Created By: Hannah Stradling