New Programs

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New Partnerships

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee

  • Cardinal Stritch University has a history of making education affordable and we are proud to partner with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee to offer scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students!

Gateway Technical College

United Migrant Opportunity Services, Inc. (UMOS)

  • Employees and family members can save more than $12,000 on tuition for an undergraduate program through this partnership. Graduate students can also apply this 20% tuition discount for master’s and doctoral programs. 

Waukesha County Technical College

  • Offering courses in management and hospitality onsite at Waukesha County Technical College.

New Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Higher Education Student Affairs Leadership


The Master of Science in Higher Education Student Affairs Leadership is offered by our College of Education and Leadership and available 100% online. This program focuses on how to prepare leaders for working with people of different ages, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, abilities, socioeconomic status, language, and customs by providing the knowledge, skills and understanding of human development, the emotional and psychological needs of students, their financial needs, the impacts of budgetary decisions on working with students, overseeing campus life activities, recruitment, advisement, student life, and all other aspects of students’ academic development. Students in the program will learn how to better understand and appreciate the needs of diverse populations as a result of their education. The program prepares individuals as leaders to become aware of the different functions and services offered in an academic institution that a student would encounter. 

New MBA Program Concentrations


  • MBA Concentration in Cyber Security
    Prepares students to focus on Cyber Security within the context of complex business systems and operations. MBA program graduates who complete this concentration must balance information availability with information security at a time when there is a vast amount of data being collected and stored electronically. Graduates will be prepared to assess and manage risk by identifying security threats and vulnerabilities, and then designing and implementing appropriate safeguards and controls. This concentration is also designed to align with industry standards for Information Security best practices set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

  • MBA Concentration in Healthcare Management
    This concentration offers in-depth coverage of critical health care topics such as information management, human resource management, marketing and economics. During each course of the concentration, students apply theoretical concepts to case studies based on classic and current issues found in the health industry. MBA program graduates who complete this concentration are well-prepared to assume the duties of middle and upper level management positions in the healthcare industry.

  • MBA Concentration in Justice Administration
    Offers students offers in-depth coverage of critical criminal justice leadership topics such as policy and administration, risk assessment and mitigation, justice management and contemporary issues in justice administration. MBA program graduates who complete this concentration are prepared to assume the duties of middle and upper level management positions in the criminal justice agencies and organizations.

  • MBA Concentration in Marketing
    This concentration is designed for students who are interested in acquiring the skills and competencies necessary to marketing functions within a business, offering in-depth coverage of critical marketing topics such as consumer behavior, global markets, marketing management and healthcare marketing. MBA program graduates who complete this concentration are well-prepared to assume the duties of middle and upper level management positions in marketing in the business environment.

New Undergraduate Programs 

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management


The program is being designed for students interested in an entry‐level management position in three general hospitality related areas: Management of Hotels and Lodges, Management of Restaurant and bars, and Management of events, meetings, and conventions. The program will provide students with a solid business focused knowledge base upon which they can launch their leadership role in the hospitality industry. The program is designed for students that have completed an Associate Degree in a hospitality related program at another college.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing


This program will help students learn how to market goods and services in both nonprofit and for-profit environments with application of social media and research-based practices. Core business courses in the program provide students with the business background with which to apply marketing skills sets in the specific areas of business/market research and internet and application based social media sources. The purpose for the program is to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful in any career that they choose. Graduates of the program will possess a well-rounded interdisciplinary education experience in order to integrate core business skills and key marketing skill sets related to research and digital marketing.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations


The program has a unique interdisciplinary structure that draws upon the strengths of three degree programs. Courses from Communication, Art, and Computer Science combine with a solid core of Public Relations courses to create a program that prepares students to work in the professional field of public relations. Students will build a diversified portfolio demonstrating oral and written strengths, as well as problem- solving skills and audience analysis through the creation of public relations plans, media kits, and more. Students develop professional experience through experiential and service learning within courses and through self-selected internships. Students are required to complete two internships at different sites and with two different job descriptions. A major in Public Relations will allow the student to develop the skills necessary to confidently enter the growing profession of public relations in a variety of areas, for example: community outreach, customer relations, public relations specialist, social media specialist, internal communications specialist, and event coordinator. 

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice


The Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice bridges crime and punishment, and the social sciences through an interdisciplinary, liberal arts-rooted program that incorporates theory, practice, and values. This is a new and exciting area of study that will connect social theory and research with practical applications to create well-rounded citizens of the world. Graduates of criminal justice are prepared for a variety of paths following graduation, including law enforcement, law school, graduate-level work in criminology and criminal justice, and for careers at the local, state, and federal levels in law enforcement, corrections, and court related agencies.