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Stritch to serve as higher education partner of AALAM


On November 15, the African American Leadership Alliance of Milwaukee (AALAM) officially launched as an organization. AALAM addresses Milwaukee’s racial disparity by focusing on sustaining African American talent in the region through a system-wide approach that supports and develops leadership in all civic sectors and at all levels of the community.

“This is an opportunity to leverage the lessons we’ve learned from AALP. AALAM is truly a natural evolution from the AALP program, serving as a connector for supporting sustainable, system-wide change across the Milwaukee region,” said Dr. Jeanette Mitchell, '01, founder and chief catalyst of AALAM.

The organization’s goal is to transform Milwaukee into an opportunity-rich city where everyone succeeds and flourishes. ALAM focuses on positioning African American leadership across various sectors. The diverse, cross-sector leaders are organized into action circles, which allows them to leverage their spheres of influence to promote and sustain system-wide change.

"On behalf of the entire Stritch community, I am very pleased and proud to to congratulate Dr. Jeanette Mitchell and all the members of the African American Leadership Program on the launch of AALAM - an alliance that will serve to broaden and strengthen the impact of African American leadership across the greater Milwaukee area," said Stritch President Kathleen A. Rinehart, J.D. "Through the extraordinary work of Dr. Mitchell and her executive team, the lives of dozens of young leaders have been transformed as a result of their participation in rigorous programs designed to instill a sense of joy, confidence and pride in the skills, talents and gifts that they will be prepared to share in the communities where they choose to live and work. If we want to truly understand what the future of Milwaukee can and should be, we must look directly to AALAM and the model for leadership development it provides. The University's commitment to AALP for more than a decade has only strengthened over time. We are thrilled and honored to publicly declare our continued support for, and partnership with, AALAM as we embrace the opportunities before us. Congratulations Dr. Mitchell and all in AALAM -- today is the beginning of an extraordinary next chapter of growth."

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