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Stritch family unites through Prayer for the Holy Spirit's guidance

Each day we are invited to rely on the wisdom and strength of God’s Holy Spirit. Traditionally we would begin the academic year with a Mass of the Holy Spirit. This year the pandemic and social distancing gives us a new way to invite the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

The Stritch family is invited to join together to pray this prayer:

Come Holy Spirit, source of Wisdom, Compassion, and Peace, be in our hearts and whole being.

Guide us in the pursuit of truth and goodness to value the gifts and talents given to us by a Loving God.

Teach us to be responsible in using our gifts well and for the common good.

Thank you always for your presence in our lives.


Ven Espíritu Santo, fuente de sabiduría, compasión y paz, entra en nuestros corazónes y en todo nuestro ser.

Guíanos en la búsqueda de la verdad y la bondad para que podamos valorar los dones y talentos que nos ha dado un Dios amoroso.

Enséñanos a ser responsables en el uso correcto de nuestros dones y para el bien común. Gracias siempre por Tu presencia en nuestras vidas.