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Stritch student focuses on communication and community

Emily Czaplewski

Emily Czaplewski, a junior communication arts major at Cardinal Stritch University, believes in the transformative power of a supportive community – especially for college students.

A staunch advocate for a liberal arts education, Czaplewski believes it will best prepare her for a career in non-profit leadership. In addition to her communications focus, she is pursuing minors in religious studies and political science. While her academic coursework has been rigorous, she knows the challenges are essential for growth and success.

“Earning a college degree will enable me to show the world that I have expertise in a specific area, but also the ability to examine life through a variety of lenses,” Czaplewski said. “It gives me an added measure of confidence in my own abilities.”

In addition to her academic responsibilities, she also participates in Franciscan Servant Scholars (an integrated education and formation program), Concert Choir and University Ministry. In fall 2019, she studied abroad in Ireland.

“I am continually learning about myself throughout my college journey,” said Czaplewski. “There are opportunities to learn all around me at Stritch. I want to take advantage of as many as I can!”

With an unwavering commitment to strengthen the Stritch community she loves, Czaplewski appreciates the support she and her classmates receive.

“I am grateful that educating future generations is a priority for so many generous donors,” she said. “Without financial aid, I - along with many of my peers - would not be able to attend college, much less experience the opportunities it provides. Investing in our education is an investment in the future.”

The investment, however, is not one-sided. Czaplewski says it motivates her, not only to succeed but to contribute to her community.

“By receiving such generous scholarships at Stritch, I have a responsibility to work hard, make a difference in our world in whatever ways I can, and pay it forward by helping the emerging generations of leaders to realize their own dreams.”