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Teach-Out and Transfer Information


Stritch is in active discussions with a number of institutions that have indicated a willingness to explore both Teach-Out and/or generous transfer agreements. Each institution will provide significant support for Stritch students.

Teach-Out agreements are not inclusive of all academic programs. Students should review the information on the page below and contact the receiving institution for more information.   

Teach-out agreement institutions


Transfer Options

Additional Information

What does this mean for current students?

Stritch students who can successfully complete their degree requirements by the end of the 2023 Spring semester will be able to graduate from Stritch. Stritch is finalizing Teach-Out Agreements with specific institutions to determine which Stritch academic programs will continue seamlessly to these receiving institutions after the Spring semester commensurate with accreditation body approvals. These agreements include waived application fees, requirements and deadlines. Stritch will provide students with detailed and organized information on identified receiving institutions. Students will have the option to continue their studies at one of these institutions and complete their degree requirements on-schedule.

Students may also opt to transfer to another institution. The differences between teach-out plans and transfers are outlined in the Teach-Out vs Transfer section above. Stritch students who are not able to finish degree requirements by the end of the 2023 Spring semester, should meet with their academic advisors to review their options prior to deciding which strategy is best for them and their individual situations.


What is the difference between enrolling at a Teach-Out Institution and transferring?

Teach-Out Institutions are those that Stritch has reached agreement with for its students. The agreements include these benefits:

  • Automatic admission of current Stritch students in good academic standing. If a student owes a balance on their account to Stritch, they will not be able to receive your final transcript, thus may not be able to participate in the teach-out program.
  • Guaranteed acceptance of 100% successfully completed credits at Stritch. Stritch students are able to complete their degree in the same amount of time – students will need to complete the same number of semesters at the Teach-Out Institutions as they would have at Stritch to complete their degrees.
  • Comparable net tuition – The net tuition amount the student is expected to contribute to complete their degree will be the same (or less) as they would have had to pay at Stritch. While the scholarships may be packaged differently and with different names, the net cost will be comparable. Stritch students will not need to negotiate that process.

Many institutions accept applications for transfer students, but the process may not be as seamless or have the same guarantees as with transitioning to the partnering Teach-Out Institutions. Therefore, it is often in the best interest of the student to transition to a designated Teach-Out Institution. Teach-out plans are pending approval by the Higher Learning Commission’s Institutional Actions Council.

Enrolling at a Teach-Out Institution

How do I enroll at a Teach-Out Institution?

Schedule an Appointment with your Academic Advisor. If you are unsure of who your Academic Advisor is, check your last class schedule. Set up a 30-minute appointment with your advisor using StritchPASS. You may not need that much time; however, it is wise to block it off so that you both are not hurried. At this meeting you will discuss your major, the differences between Teach-Out and Transfer, and which Teach--Out receiving school(s) has your major/degree/program of study.

What to cover in your meeting: 
  • Move to the Teach-Out Institution
  • Have your records moved to the Teach-Out Institution
  • What forms need to be signed
  • Who the contact person is at the Teach-Out Institution you wish to attend
  • Please sign the Authorization for Release of Information to Third Party, so Stritch can share your information with the Teach-Out Institution(s).