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Welcome Allianz Employees!


Explore your education partner benefits

The foundation of our strategic partnership is in the shared set of values surrounding the importance of higher education, ethical leadership and service to the community.

Welcome to Stritch! We look forward to a long partnership.

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As a premier education partner Allianz employees receive:

  • 25% tuition reduction toward undergraduate degree and graduate degree programs.

Additional program benefits:

  • Take one course at a time
  • Choose the format (online, face to face or blended)
  • Earn credits for life experience and training
  • Receive instruction from experts in their fields
  • Military benefits also apply (see the "Veterans and active duty military" tab below for more details)
adult students in class

Available Undergraduate Programs

graduate students

Available Graduate Programs

Funding your education

Financial aid is available for graduate students:
  • Half-Time enrollment (3 credits per semester) required to receive federal loan funds.
  • File a FAFSA.
  • Can use federal funding with employer reimbursement.

Contact Stritch's Office of Financial Aid for more information

Veterans and active duty military

In appreciation of your service

Whether transitioning to a new career or seeking education to advance within the military, Stritch has helped veterans and active duty personnel succeed. Stritch participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program so we can help an unlimited number of active-duty personnel and veterans continue their education.

We also offer the Stritch Military Grant. It is awarded to full-time undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students who are in active military duty, veteran(s) or have proof of an honorable discharge, and to students who are married to an individual currently deployed. Eligible students can receive up to a 25% tuition reduction.

Learn more about our Veteran Services here.

Fall 2023

First Day of Classes August 28*
Last Day of Drop/Add September 1 at 5 p.m.*
Labor Day September 4 (University Closed)
Graduation Application Deadline October 1 for December Conferral
Stritch Service Day October 5*
Midterm October 19*
Long Weekend October 20-21*
Last Day to Withdraw November 3 at 5 p.m. *
Registration Begins for Spring and Summer 2023 November 6
Thanksgiving Break November 23-November 26 (University Closed)
Last Day of Classes December 11*
Exams December 12-15*
Exam Makeup Day December 16* (Only in the event of University cancellation of exams)
Degree Conferral Date December 24
Holiday Break December 22-January 1 (University Closed)

*Applies to regular 16-week courses

Fall Term Modules

August 28 - December 17 Traditional 16-week term
August 21 - November 12 First 12-week module
September 4 - November 26 Second 12-week module
October 2 - December 24 Third 12-week module
August 28 - October 22 First 8-week module
October 30 - December 24 Second 8-week module
August 21 - October 1 First 6-week module
October 2 - November 12 Second 6-week module
November 13 - December 24 Third 6-week module
September 4 - October 1 First 4-week module
October 2 - October 29 Second 4-week module
October 30 - November 26 Third 4-week module
November 27 - December 24 Fourth 4-week module
August 21 - September 3 First 2-week module
December 11 - December 24 Second 2-week module

Spring 2023

Registration Begins for Spring 2023 October 31, 2022
Dr. Martin Luther King Day January 16 (University Closed)
First Day of Classes January 23*
Last Day of Drop/Add January 27 at 5 p.m.*
Graduation Application Deadline March 1 for May Conferral
Spring Break March 6-10*
Midterm March 24*
Easter Break April 6-10 (University Closed April 7-9)
Registration Begins for Fall 2023 April 11
Last Day to Withdraw April 14 at 5 p.m.*
Last Day of Classes May 15*
Exams May 13, 16-19*
Exam Makeup Day May 20* (Only in the event of University cancellation of exams)
Commencement Ceremony May 21
Degree Conferral Date May 21

*Applies to regular 16-week courses

Spring Term Modules

January 16 – April 9 First 12-week module
January 30 – April 23 Second 12-week module
February 27 – May 21 Third 12-week module
January 23 – March 19 First 8-week module
March 27 – May 21 Second 8-week module
January 16 – February 26 First 6-week module
February 27 – April 9 Second 6-week module
April 10 – May 21  Third 6-week module
January 30 – February 26 First 4-week module
February 27 – March 26 Second 4-week module
March 27 – April 23 Third 4-week module
April 24 – May 21 Fourth 4-week module
January 16 – January 29 First 2-week module
May 8 – May 21 Second 2-week module

Summer 2023

Registration Begins for Summer 2023 October 31, 2022
Memorial Day May 29 (University Closed)
Juneteenth Day June 19 (University Closed)
Summer Break: No Classes July 3-9
Independence Day Break July 4 (University Closed)
Last Day to Withdraw Prior to the 2/3 point of class
Graduation Application Deadline August 15 for August Degree Conferral
Last Day of Summer Term August 20
Degree Conferral Date August 25

Summer Break is July 2 to July 9 (1 week): This break falls within some of the summer term modules

Summer Term Modules

May 22 - August 20 12-week module
June 5 - August 6 8-week module
May 22 - July 2 First 6-week module
July 10 - August 20 Second 6-week module
June 5 - July 2 First 4-week module
July 10 - August 6 Second 4-week module
August 7 - August 20 2-week module