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Organizational Education Partnerships

Organizations everywhere are prioritizing education of their employees and members.

The Stritch Education Partner Program offers businesses, community groups, associations and various other entities the opportunity to take advantage of education benefits which enhance the organization's needs as well as the individual employee's development.

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Employee education is the best investment

Tuition assistance tempts employees to stay longer with the company as they make use of the benefit, spending their evenings and weekends working through a schedule of college courses towards a degree - a part-time process that could last many years. Lower turnover saves employers on the substantial costs of searching for and hiring new employees to replace those leaving. Tuition assistance also may give employers a hint as to which of their workers possess superior ability.

-David R. Francis, The National Bureau of Economic Research

Preferred Education Partner Package

Premier Education Partner Package

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Custom Education Partner

The Custom Education Partner has the opportunity to customize a specific education program to best meet the needs of the individuals within the organization. This benefit may include:

  • undergraduate and graduate degree programs,
  • certificate programs, and
  • professional development courses.

Courses can be held at your site, online, or at Strich's safe campus just north of Milwaukee. A tuition reduction rate will be offered based on the number of employees participating and the program options selected.

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