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Preferred Education Partner

Employees/individuals of a Preferred Education Partner interested in enrolling into specific undergraduate/graduate degree programs OR professional development program will receive a 10% tuition reduction. There is no minimum number of employees required for this benefit. 

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Stritch supports our partnership

    • Waive enrollment and application fees.
    • Provide flexible payment options based on individual student needs.
    • Provide a designated point of contact to manage the partnership.
    • Provide varied formats of learning options for those within that organization, including: online, face-to-face, or customized based on need.
    • Work with organization to determine any credit for prior learning/training that may be evaluated and confirmed as college credit.
    • Manage/track success of partnership. Cardinal Stritch University will provide updates that include the number of individuals using benefit and savings of tuition assistance dollars.
    stritch campus building

    Partner organizations support their employees and the partnership

    • Designate Cardinal Stritch University as a Preferred Education Partner.
    • Announce Preferred Partnership through formal communications sent to all individuals within the organization and include education partner benefit information.
    • Post information about new education partnership on all of the organizations internal/external communications systems. This may include: intranet, e-mail blasts, benefits site, newsletters, and other means of communication agreed upon by both Cardinal Stritch University and the organization.
    • Support education partnership opportunities for individuals/employees by granting Cardinal Stritch University the approval to offer quarterly events for individuals/employees to share education information. Events may include education information tables, lunch and learn information sessions and/or other events agreed upon by both parties.
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