Engaged Fellows and Franciscan Servant Scholars Programs and Scholarships

Engage Your Mission in Life.  Launch Your Career.

Our mission is to help you find yours.  It is this dedication to our students, the community, and our own Franciscan mission that has led the University to expand scholarship opportunities for highly-motivated new and transfer students in our traditional undergraduate degree programs through the Engaged Fellows and Franciscan Servant Scholars programs.  These selective programs require a short program application that you may fill out below and a follow-up interview.  If selected to one or both programs, the maximum scholarship award is $1000 annually.  Additionally, students in these programs will receive priority review for Stritch Experience funding opportunities to support one internship or undergraduate research project during their junior or senior year.


The Engaged Fellows Program is designed for full-time undergraduate students that want to take a proactive approach on developing their personal brand, long-term career-building competencies, and career pathways. With the dedicated support of Experiential Learning and Career Education (ELCE) staff, students engage in a series of professional development workshops, individual career coaching and counseling sessions, and high-impact real-world experiences designed to amplify their readiness for the careers of tomorrow.  Students in this intentional co-educational program must accomplish specific program benchmarks annually to maintain scholarship eligibility.  

Year One - Self-Exploration
  • Complete a series of on-line self-assessments, group workshops, and personal/professional exploration sessions with program coordinators
  • Attend two career fairs with follow-up processing sessions with program coordinators
Year Two/Three - Capacity Building
  • Complete at least two informational interviews with professionals in your field of exploration
  • Submit reflective assignments from informational interviews to program coordinators 
  • Complete the on-line Internship Preparation Program
  • Complete at least one internship experience (the internship experience may be completed with or without academic credit)
  • Attend at least two career fairs, showcases, or networking events annually. 
  • Active participation and attendance at planned activities, speakers, and workshops
Years Three/Four - Strategic Career Pathways Planning
  • Complete one internship, undergraduate research project, or high-impact community-engaged experience with a minimum of 126 site hours
  • Work with an assigned career counselor/coach from the ELCE office on a personalized career success planning strategy focused on your post-graduate plans and career pathways
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The Franciscan Servant Scholars program is designed for full-time undergraduate students that are interested in joining an intentional student community committed to service, faith-sharing discussions, exploration of social justice, and discerning their life’s calling.  Rooted in the Catholic Franciscan heritage and values of the University, this integrated education and formation program is open to students of all faiths and majors, and works with students to purposefully connect their academic coursework with life’s calling.  Students in this program regularly engage their peers in personal and theological reflection around life’s big questions through small groups, annual retreats, service opportunities, and internships.

Program Criteria
  • Full time traditional undergraduate program student or applicant with a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Express a statement of faith or spirituality with an openness and personal desire to discern one’s professional calling in the context of a living faith
  • Capacity for effective interpersonal communication, as well as intercultural and interreligious dialogue
  • Demonstrated involvement in volunteer activities and service that may be, for example, based in church, school, or a religiously‐sponsored organization
Academic Program Requirements
  • Maintain full time undergraduate student status and keep a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Attend the Franciscan Servant Scholar Orientation Program
  • Attend the annual fall Franciscan Retreat
  • Perform 6 hours of approved service a month
  • Participate in one monthly small group meeting and one large group service event per month
  • Participate regularly scheduled one‐on‐one check‐ins with program staff
  • Complete monthly service report
  • Junior and Senior students complete an internship or related experience each year
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