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Workshops by Request

student writing in library

Workshops are presented on a variety of writing and study skills topics by subject matter experts in the Student Success Center. Workshops are free of charge, and they can be requested on an as-needed basis by faculty, staff, or students. Workshops and presentations are usually about 30 minutes. Faculty may request a workshop in the classroom, or groups of students may request a workshop in other assigned locations.

Currently, Academic Support offers workshops in:

  • Writing: Pre-Writing and Paragraph Construction
  • Writing: Grammar and Punctuation
  • Writing: Research, Citing, APA & MLA
  • Academic Support Services and Resources
  • Study Skills: Time Management and Organization
  • Excel & Microsoft Office

To request a workshop, please fill out the request form below, and wait for confirmation and follow-up instructions (1-2 business days)

Please allow at least a week in advance for staff to schedule/prepare
Approximate number of students in your group or class.
Please explain why you would like to request a workshop; provide any additional details about information you would like to include in a workshop.