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Airtame Example

Airtame instructions

Instructions - Windows and Macintosh PCs

Download and Install the Airtame Application from   

If you do not have an internet connection:

  • Connect to a Stritch network (wireless networks “Wolfnet-Secured” or “Wolfnet-Guest” or to the physical wired network) and open a Browser.

If you do not have administrator privileges on your computer:

  • Please use the Guest App installation.

Connecting to the Airtame:

  1. Turn on the room's TV or Projector. 
  2. Make sure that you are on the input which displays the Airtame home page.  The screen will have a box labeled “Present Wirelessly” on it.  At the bottom of that box is line that has the Airtame’ s IP address.
  3. Launch the Airtame application on your computer Enter the Airtame’ s IP address (listed on the screen) where it says device name or IP address. 
  4. You will be asked for a PIN number; enter the PIN number displayed on the TV monitor/screen.
  5. Click on “Share Screen” to share everything or “Share Window“ to share an application and clicking on that app window that you will share to the screen.

Other Devices* 

Devices such as a tablet, phone or other device:

  • Download the Airtame application from your device’s app store. 

*The availability, instructions, capabilities and usage of tablet and phone apps may be limited or differ from the Windows and Macintosh apps.