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ONECard from Stritch

Your Cardinal Stritch University ONECard is used to verify your status as a student, faculty or staff member in good standing.

Services that require your ID card:

  • Library materials check-out
  • Dining services (meal plans)
  • Communications with Technology Help Desk including password resets & account activations
  • For campus discounts or student discounts

ONECards are validated by registration/enrollment information, while staff IDs are validated based on Human Resources records. Protect your ID card the same way you would protect your driver's license or bank card.

If you lose your card, you should contact us at the Technology Help Desk so we can deactivate it to prevent any unauthorized transactions. If you don't report or deactivate a lost ONECard, you may be liable for any fraudulent transactions completed using the lost card.


The university will issue a complimentary replacement ONECard for the following reasons:

  • Official Name Change (documentation required)
  • Stolen (police report required)
  • For damaged or lost cards and all other situations the following replacement costs apply [12/1/2018 - subject to change]: Full University ONECard - $15 Nursing/ Nonchip Cards - $5

Living Responsibly with your ONECard

Caring for what has been provided to us is a Franciscan value. Along with that a more powerful card also means increased responsibilities for members of the Stritch community. We are counting on you daily to:

  • Provide requested documentation when initially obtaining your ONECard
  • Keep your ONECard securely in your possession.
  • Provide it to university personnel when requested
  • Avoid actions that will cause damage or loss to your ONECard
  • Use only the ONECard issued to you
  • Understand that the ONECard may have a fiscal or service balance on it that is your responsibility
  • Understand that improper use of your ONECard can bring university and legal penalties
  • Understand that the card belongs to the University and must be surrendered upon request by authorized personnel and when leaving the University