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New Student Resources

Student Smiling in Classroom

We’re so excited to have you join us at Stritch.

Starting college is a big change and great achievement. We’re here help make the transition easy.

First Day of Classes: Monday, August 29

New Student Move-In: Wednesday, August 24

See details below!

New Student Orientation

Thursday, August 25 starting at 8:30 a.m. through Sunday afternoon, August 28.

New Student Orientation is a great chance to meet other students and get acquainted with college life at Stritch.

Orientation is a mandatory program for new students. (We wouldn’t make it mandatory if we didn’t completely believe in the importance of participation!) A full schedule will be available in early August. Students are encouraged to check their Wolfmail regularly for updates on this program. If you have questions about New Student Orientation email Matt Weiss in Student Life today!

Email Student Life

virtual advising

Who is my Academic Advisor?

Great question! By now, your Academic Advisor has likely connected with you via phone, email, or virtual appointment. The best spot to look for your Advisor’s contact information is on your Advising Worksheet/Course Needs document.

Academics & Advising

All new students should take the Academic Advising course through Canvas this summer.

You may visit this course as many times as you wish as a resource for preparing for the semester. Canvas login is required to access the course. The course includes:

  • Videos from our partnering offices,
  • Information about academics/curriculum at Stritch,
  • How to Access Your Advising Worksheet video which will be a critical resource to you to plan the path to graduation,
  • How to Register for Classes video, and more.
Academic Advising is excited to welcome you to Stritch and begin your academic journey.

Our team of advisors is here to help you with a variety of topics not only as you start the semester, but as you progress towards mid-terms, final exams, registering for next semester, and ultimately towards the goal of graduation. Please share your desires, plans, and goals with us, so we can discuss all possible options.

By the end of your first year at Stritch every student will have a graduation plan created. This plan will be used to assist with registering for classes each term, launch conversations with faculty advisors, and keep students actively engaged in the academic planning of their journey at Stritch.

Appointments with your Academic Advisor

Every new student (freshmen and transfer) to Stritch is required to meet (virtually) with their Academic Advisor within the first few months of the semester. Your Advisor will reach out to you to help schedule this appointment. This is a great time to connect with each other, get new questions answered, and plan for upcoming deadlines/registrations. You have access to schedule appointments with your Advisor through StritchPASS (login required).

More Academic Information:

Registering for Classes

Your Academic Advisor has likely connected with you via phone, email, or virtual appointment to start this process. Should you want to make changes, you may need to reach out to your Academic Advisor to be sure you have the correct authorizations to add/drop classes. Students can add/drop classes until Friday, August 27, 2021 at 5 p.m.

Review your class schedule

Be sure to log into MyStritch to access your class schedule a few weeks before, and even the day before, classes begin to review the most accurate information regarding class dates/times and classroom locations. 

Students* are encouraged to complete at least one academic internship experience during their junior or senior year as part of the new Professional Core.

A 3-credit academic internship is a directed, practical learning experience that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the academic setting with meaningful work, real-world application, and skill development in a professional setting.  Students are encouraged to take the 1-credit Pre-Internship course during their Sophomore year. 

For more information regarding internships and the search process please contact the Experiential Learning and Career Education office.

*Note:  Nursing and Education majors are not required to complete the Professional Core. 

10 Great reasons to study abroad:

  • Expand your worldview
  • Enhance your career opportunities and grow your network
  • Learn another language and improve your multilingual skills
  • Experience another culture first-hand
  • Make new friends from around the world
  • Discover new things about your own culture
  • Learn more about yourself and gain self awareness
  • Strengthen communication, teambuilding, and adaptability skills
  • Boost your confidence and independence
  • Become a savvy traveler

Get inspired to Study abroad by visiting the Stritch Study Abroad website

For even more inspiration, visit the Stritch study abroad office during the academic year to find the program that meets your personal, career, and academic goals.

<p>Welcome home!</p>

Welcome home!

<p>Unpacking all the necessisites.</p>

Unpacking all the necessisites.

<p>Lounge and rec area on campus.</p>

Lounge and rec area on campus.

<p>Student leaders ready for service day.</p>

Student leaders ready for service day.

Residence Life

Welcome home to Cardinal Stritch University!

Living on campus provides you with new experiences and opportunities to meet new people. Our community is so excited to have you here!

Residents are expected to read and familiarize themselves with the Residence Life Handbook. 

Housing contracts and assignments information on how to submit Housing Preference Forms was sent to all student Wolfmail accounts.

Residence Life Handbook

Residence Life employs many students who support our communities in Clare and Assisi Hall. They are a great resource and are here to help you succeed! 

Resident Assistants - Check in to make sure your transition is smooth, provide conflict management, programming, complete rounds each day, and help develop a sense of community on each wing. 

Front Desk Assistants - Provide 24 hour security at the front desks in both halls, rent out items, and check in guests. 

Community Development Assistants- Work to create all hall programming such as off campus excursions, Stritch or Treat, and also oversee Residence Hall Association (RHA) 

Operations Assistants- Oversee “The Den” late night food source in Clare Hall 2nd floor and the front desk. 

New Student Move-In Day
Wednesday, August 24

Stritch is requiring additional precautions during move-in this fall:

  • New students will be assigned a specific move-in time in their Wolfmail.
  • Students need to complete all necessary housing & health forms before arriving on August 24. (This includes the Health History Forms, COVID-19 online modules, and other Residence Life forms. Full information will be sent with your housing assignment.)
Not sure what to bring with you?

Our Residence Hall Packing List provides a great starting point. Please note the list of prohibited items on page 12 of the Residence Life Handbook. If you have additional questions about what you can or cannot bring into the Residence Halls email Residence Life.

Get the Packing List

Resources Quick Reference

Academic Support & Accessibility Services

Academic Support Center offers a variety of services to support student needs: 

  • TUTORING provided free for many 100 and 200 level courses and writing.
  • ONLINE WRITING LAB (OWL) can be used to submit papers electronically for feedback.
  • ACADEMIC COACHING is personalized student support for assistance with study strategies, time management, organization, and goal-setting.
  • ELL SUPPORT assists students in adjusting to college classes conducted in English and developing university-level academic skills in English.
  • STUDENT ACCESSIBILITY SERVICES provides specialized services, technology and advising to meet the needs of students with vision, hearing, mobility, learning and emotional challenges. To request services submit an Accessibility Services Request Form.
  • TESTING CENTER offers various placement and proficiency tests for courses and languages. View availability and schedule appointments through StritchPASS.
  • SMARTHINKING is free 24-7 online tutoring by an outside source that consists of professional staff from around the U.S.


For the latest information about Intercollegiate Athletics check out

Incoming Student Athletes should regularly check their Wolfmail for the latest information from their coaches and athletics staff regarding expectations, practice schedules, and other important updates.

Campus Communication


Wolfmail is our primary means of communicating with you. This summer please make sure to check Wolfmail weekly. Once on campus in August, you should be checking it every day.

Login to your Wolfmail using your Stritch username and password. You can check your wolfmail using the apps currently on your phone. The Technology Help Desk can assist you with this if needed. 

Register your cell phone number in the Emergency Notifications portal  on MyStritch to sign-up for Campus Safety text alerts.  (Link requires MyStritch Login)

If you need assistance with any of the above please contact the Technology Help Desk.

Campus Employment & Work-Study

On-campus student employment and federal work-study positions (including community-service based positions) provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience to launch their future careers while also earning a paycheck.  On-campus student employment is limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week when school is in session.  

How to find a position 

Student employment positions are posted on Handshake, our online career management system. This is where you submit resumes and letters of interest to the campus supervisor.

Documents needed to work on-campus

  • Specification sheet from your bank for direct deposit.
  • Original personal verification documents for the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form (typically a photo ID and Social Security/Birth Certificate).  
  • International students will need their passport.

For more information please contact the Experiential Learning and Career Education office.

Campus Safety & Car Parking

For emergencies dial 911

Campus Security is available 24 hours 
4220 from a campus phone 

Students are highly encouraged to save Stritch Security as a contact in their phone.


Any student parking a car on campus is required to register their vehicle with Stritch Security. Students can do this online through MyStritch in the Parking Pass Portal (link requires MyStritch login).

Counseling Services

Counselors at Stritch are licensed professional counselors qualified to see students experiencing a wide array of mental health issues. Students often come to counseling when they are feeling:

  • anxious,
  • lonely,
  • depressed,
  • confused,
  • upset over a relationship or
  • homesick.

Counseling is a great place to talk things over and you don’t have to have a serious mental health issue to speak with a counselor.

Meet our counselors and learn more about our services and confidentiality.

7 Tips for Handling the College Transition From Stritch Counseling Services 

  1. Get connected by attending events, especially early on when everyone is forming new relationships. Even if you’re not sure you’ll love the event, just give it a chance. You never know who you might connect with.
  2. Find at least one group or club that may interest you and attend the first few meetings. Groups and clubs are great ways to have people to automatically connect with.
  3. Make an appointment with your advisor. Just get to know them. They are there to help you.
  4. If you are feeling homesick or missing friends, remind yourself why you came to college. List three things that you can only do because you are here.
  5. Reach out to family and old friends a few times per week. but don’t close yourself off to meeting new people.
  6. Take one small action that has you reach out to someone new. Ideas include, asking if she likes a TV show or movie you like or simply asking where he is from.
  7. Be patient with other and yourself. It takes time to build new friendships.

Financial Aid & Billing

The Financial Aid & Business Office windows are open and here to serve you. Stop by the windows and ask any questions you might have. 

Paper bills are only sent out upon request. Your bill is always available by logging in to your MyStritch account. You will see a link to view and pay your bill off of the Finances & Aid tab. Stritch does offer a monthly payment plan that will break up the semester or yearly balance that you owe. Call the business office at 414-410-4232 to inquire and/or enroll. 

Visit the Financial Aid Website (use the same log-in information as MyStritch)  to ensure that all documents have been turned-in that are needed to process your financial aid award. In order to receive all your awards please view and accept (or reduce/decline) your awards. Accepting (or reducing/declining) your awards will ensure the Financial Aid office knows what aid to order and process for you. 

You can contact the Financial Aid Office with questions or to setup an appointment.

If your financial situation has changed due to COVID, please contact the Financial Aid Office immediately. Stritch is committed to ensuring that your education can continue as planned. Find out how we can help!

Health History & Immunizations

Complete online the Required Health Information Form(You'll need to sign in to MyStritch to access the form.) Your physician’s office, high school or state health department may have a copy of your vaccine record.  

Additional requirements for Athletes and International Students. 

  • Athletes: Please contact Athletic Director Danny Kuklinski for more information. 
  • International Students: Please contact Coordinator of International Education & Study Abroad Sarah Sweeney for more information.

What are the Immunization requirements for students in Residence Halls?

  • Tetanus-Diphtheria vaccine within the past 10 years.
  • Completion of the Polio series.
  • Evidence of Two Varicella Vaccines or the chickenpox virus. Immune titers are also acceptable.
  • Two doses of MMR (The first dose of MMR, measles, mumps, or rubella must have been given after the 1st birthday. The two doses MMR or two same components must be given at least 28 days apart.). Immune titers are also acceptable.
  • Complete the Tuberculosis screening questionnaire. TB testing is required for students considered to be in high-risk groups. Please refer to the health history form for a listing of who are considered high risk.
  • Submit all documentation of the required immunizations must be received prior to moving into the residence hall

Please note: While we only require two MMR immunizations, we highly recommend that students be immunized for meningitis. Talk to your physician about the benefits of receiving the vaccination.

Learn more about the Student Health Services including location, hours, appointment scheduling and services.


It is highly recommended that students begin searching/shopping for textbooks as soon as they are able, so that they come to classes prepared the first week of the semester. There are many options available to buy (new or used) and/or rent textbooks from various suppliers. 

The steps listed below are for Stritch’s bookstore and will help students find list(s) of required/recommended textbooks for each of their courses, as well as ISBN numbers for textbooks that allow students to search textbook availability from various suppliers.

Have your class schedule readily available as you search so you can input specific codes, as the example below demonstrates.

How to Access Textbook Information:

(In this example, we are looking up textbook information for the class SEM 110-A)

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on Find Your Course
  3. Select your term: Fall 2022
  4. Select your department: SEM
  5. Select your course and section: 110 A
  6. Click on See Course Items (red button)

If you have further questions about textbooks feel free to contact the bookstore directly at 414-410-4035, the instructor for your class, or your academic advisor.

Transcripts & Test Results

Electronic copies of official transcripts or official ACT/SAT scores can be sent to Cardinal Stritch University, Office of Admissions at

Print copies of official transcripts or official ACT/SAT scores can be mailed to:

Cardinal Stritch University
Office of Admissions
6801 N. Yates Rd
MIlwaukee, WI 53217