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Posted By Cardinal Stritch University February 14, 2017

In one way or another we’re all students. We take in new information throughout the day, but making the effort to find meaning in what we read or hear takes commitment. Given that we have abundant access to data, it’s essential that we also make a conscious effort to challenge and strengthen our ideas and skills to more readily achieve our goals. Studying online provides the convenience and access to learn where ever you are. Here are a few ways to keep your mind active while traveling. Just like your travels, the journey doesn’t need to be arduous but it does have a purpose.


Identify What You Want to Learn

What are you passionate about? What are your hobbies and interests? Ask yourself these questions to determine your program of study and future career. As a traveling student, make sure to examine what you need from a university. At Cardinal Stritch University, we offer more than traditional day-student programs. With graduate, undergraduate, certificate and pre-professional courses available, Stritch offers a variety of online-learning opportunities to suit the academic goals of just about anyone, including distance learners. Whether you are fresh out of high school looking to strike the iron while it’s hot, or a seasoned individual looking to return or introduce yourself academia, the possibilities are plentiful. Take a look at our complete list of programs and filter to view our online-learning opportunities, so you can make the most of your education during your travels.


Be Prepared for Every Adventure

As you wait for your plane or train, deal with a lengthy layover, or are stuck sitting uncomfortably during a long flight, fuel your mind by bringing and using materials and resources to continue your education. Before your next trip, make sure that you have any necessary apps downloaded to your phone or tablet, along with e-books and e-publications. If researching on the go, definitely consider accessing your public library’s digital collection before or during travels. Are you visiting a new place? Bring e-books that tell you all about your destination so you can learn all about its history and culture. Take notes on your journey by snapping photos, video or audio recording your findings, and collecting brochures and media that museums and local shops provide. (These also turn out as great souvenirs.)


Use the Library

The virtual library at Cardinal Stritch University is a mountain of resources to ensure your success. Containing journals, and articles and e-books, galore, this net-based giant boasts TOPCAT powered by SWITCH, a consortium of 8 local private colleges maximizing your research possibilities. Sometimes, digital versions of your required course texts are even available. There are tutorials to assist you in navigating the databases, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in addition to research and citation guides.

Registering as a Milwaukee Public Library member offers you even more online resources. With access to nearly 100 online databases you are sure to be a research pro.


Try a Free Class to Learn a New Skill

Staying organized and up to date is a breeze with Canvas: the web-based learning management system at Cardinal Stritch University. All assigned classwork with due dates, materials, class contacts, discussions and announcements are all at your fingertips. Canvas proves that online classes work, offering you the programs that you want on your schedule. Find out if online-learning is right by checking out our free Survival German course, or our free Google Docs and Drive course.

Every new country, city, or town that you explore is a learning opportunity. Share your knowledge, experience, and stories with others. Online-learning while traveling will not only aid in your progress within your degree program, it also allows you to branch out of your comfort zone. By keeping your mind active while traveling, you can learn about a new culture, a new language, and a new perspective. As a traveling student, identify what you want to learn, bring your favorite media with you, don’t be afraid to use your local library, and try out online-learning to make sure it fits your learning style. With these tools and tips, you’re sure to turn the ordinary travel experience into an extraordinary one.

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